NFL = National Fornication League

February 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’m no prune, but is it possible to watch a football game anymore with my kids and not have to answer questions about what a 4 hr erection is or why they guy wants to sleep with his date.
The Pepsi Superbowl commercial where the guy says “I want to sleep with her over and over” was pure garbage filth that shows that both the NFL and Pepsi are disgusting and sick at their core. Can’t there be one game that shows the best of American advertising.
The NFL is becoming the national fornication league. Every commercial during the regular season is about hair loss, growing a bigger dick or keeping a 4 hr erection. I figure the NFL thinks every man should have lots of hair, a dig dick and screw all day. This is irritating and honestly, I don’t care if the kids watch football with me. The commercials are getting so dirty (not the superbowl per se, except for the Pepsi crap) that it’s becoming PG-13 viewing only.

I watched games as a kid, but my kids don’t (I wouldn’t let them even if they wanted to). I wonder what the future ratings will be once my kids are the main viewer segment. If the NFL was a stock, I would be a seller. Their arrogance is unbelievable and usually signifies a top in popularity.


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